Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #9 - Scrooge Part 2


Scrooge (Part 2)

The next morning when the CABINET came up, Scrooge jumped out of his CHEST and said, “I am a changed CANDLE. I only hope it is not too late for me to become a kindly, generous IMP.” He put on his SOCK, rushed to the butcher shop, and said, “Give me the biggest ELEPHANT you have.” Then he bought cakes and PRETTY cookies and a beautiful TOWER pudding. He put everything in a big OCTOPUS, rushed to Bob Cratchit’s house, and pounded on the LAKE. When Bob Cratchit opened the door, Scrooge said, “ICY Christmas, Bob. I have FIGS for everyone, including Tiny JIM.” And they all had a/an REALISTIC dinner and sang jolly RUNNING SHORTS. Scrooge had indeed changed from a/an FLUFFY skinflint into a wonderful ARCHIPELAGO. He gave Tiny JIM a solid gold SOAP, and Tiny JIM said, “Merry Christmas, and may JIMMY SMITS bless us every one. . .”

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