Saturday, December 5, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #5 - Decorating the Tree


Decorating the Tree

Many people decorate their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Last year LOGAN had a party and everyone helped MEOWING the tree. ISABELLE brought tinsel and CANDIES. And RAY brought lots of fresh CHICKEN and candy FALAFELS to put on the tree. The most important decoration, of course, is the string of colored electric SHEETS. A few dozen lights make any tree look HEAVY. And most stores sell round, sparkly LIGHTS and little COLD balls to hang on the branches. But the hardest decoration to pick is the one that goes right on top. Once that LAMP is up, you know that the SICKLY season has officially started. Of course, if you are too LAVENDER to have a tree for Christmas, you can decorate your TOENAIL or hang RATS on your DENTIST. Then the neighbors will say, “REEEEEEEEE!”

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