Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #16 - Christmas Dinner


 Christmas Dinner

Everyone likes to have a/an SILVER dinner on Christmas Day. Most people have a huge roast FARM stuffed with PIE dressing and served with mashed BOTTLES and plenty of hot brown ACID. However, if you would rather have a/an RUSTY turkey, here is how you should FADE it. First, make the dressing of old, dried SPEAR crumbs. Then, put the dressing in the turkey’s FOOT. Put it in a big TROLL and brush it with GOLDEN butter. Next, heat your TRUCK to 999 degrees. Put the turkey in and cook it very CLUMSILY for five hours. When you put it on the table, the BLURRY aroma will make everyone smack their PEASANTS and say, “OOOF!”

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