Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #18 - Flying Reindeer 101


Flying Reindeer 101

RUHROH! You’ve just adopted a flying reindeer! Congratulations! Here are a few PIXELATED tips for taking care of your new SPELLBOOK:

  • Feed your flying reindeer its fair share of CURTAINS each day.
  • Be sure to keep its fur shiny and GHASTLY by brushing it every day with a coarse-bristled PILLOW
  • Even though your reindeer can fly from MARS to the SHELF, its hooves can still get dirty. Clean its hooves with a/an BODYGUARD.
  • Your flying reindeer’s velvety antlers can grow to be 17 feet tall and 369 feet wide! They fall out each year, so don’t be alarmed. It’ll grow another pair of antlers on its TAIL!
  • Finally, give your flying reindeer all the love and SURFERS it deserves, and it will be your APE for life!

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