Monday, November 30, 2020

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2020 - Day 0


Each year I have done a Game-a-Day Challenge and this year, despite my better judgement, I have created another one. This year, like last year, is an Advent Calendar for my husband, so he'll be scratching off each day to reveal a game. This year I asked him for a list of games he wants to play. He gave me a list of 50 games and I trimmed it down and then tried to organize it into something with a little flow.

Problems we will encounter with the calendar this year are being at my mom's house due to chemo appointments. I'll do my best to keep days posted. I'm also facing some severe stress and emotional issues, which affect my posting and my ability to play games. So we're going to try to push through that as well. 

I'm nervous to do it this year, but hopefully we'll be able to make it work. I'm looking forward to it, though, and my husband is so happy to be able to play these games with myself and my daughter.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thanksgiving 2020


We had a great at-home Thanksgiving this year. First we enjoyed our meal in the "dining" room. It's a fancy room with tons of antiques and breakables. I think I've only eaten in there 3 times in my whole life. I remember an Easter when we celebrated in there. I think my mom was really excited to be able to eat in there and really appreciated it.

The day started with a visit from the wild cats who live under the neighbor's porch. My daughter loves them and we both enjoyed them a little bit today.
Then it was time for our Turkey Trot around the lake! We skipped Starbucks this year, because, while a tradition, it just didn't feel worth it.

Then it was time to put on MST3K on ShoutFactory. Sadly, it didn't hit all the buttons for all the family members. My mom and daughter went to take a quick mid-morning nap while my husband enjoyed a 20 year tradition. After everyone had a chance to rest, we got the meal going. It only took an hour to get everything ready.

We enjoyed a simple meal:
  • Pre-cooked Festival Turkey
  • Stove-Top Stuffing
  • Canned Corn
  • Jarred Gravy
  • Bob Evans Potatoes
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Jelly
  • Pre-made Dinner Rolls
  • Homemade Green Bean Casserole (We use Chicken ala King instead of Mushroom Soup)
  • Homemade Keto Sex in a Pan Dessert

My mom and I spent a good bit of time sharing stories in the dining room while my husband cleared the table and watched some MST3K. The majority of the afternoon was spent relaxing and digesting. But as I was scrolling through a feed, I saw this Thanksgiving Mad Libs and we did it together was a family.

Thanksgiving from a Kid’s Point of View

Today we are celebrating HALLOWEEN dinner at TRUMPY’s house. When we arrived, my DAUGHTER greeted us with a big, METALLIC kiss. Kisses are so CLANGING! Now we’re just waiting for the LION to come out of the oven. My dad is watching SOFTBALL on TV. He always shouts, “FUDGE” when his team scores a HOUSE. Yesss!! Only 20 more minutes until the CAT will be ready to eat. I wonder if my mom will let me try the PIZZA first. My grandma makes the best SWEET pie! It smells like a TOWER. (Much better than my GRANDCHILD. He/she smells like LEAF.) Happy CHRISTMAS!

Before it got too dark, my mom had some papers to burn, so we went out together and tried to start a little fire in the pit. Some things were too damp, so we couldn't get the whole pit going, but we got some burning done.

The rest of our day was spent relaxing. We put on some holiday movies that were playing in FreeForm. It was a lovely, relaxing day. What a nice and simple Thanksgiving. The only changes from our normal Thanksgiving is that it wasn't held at our house and I didn't home cook everything. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Pre-Thanksgiving 2020

The conditions we are living in, as a world, has made me want to just remind my readers that I am quarantined. I am a caregiver to an immunocompromised individual. That particular individual is my mom and she is who we are celebrating Thanksgiving with this year. So the woman I am taking care of is also who I am spending this holiday with. We're not having other people over or inviting others in. It's just the four of us who see each other almost weekly as it is and take numerous precautions to be as safe as possible at all time.

We drove down this morning to my mom's house. The weather and traffic were good enough to make it without any problems.

After unloading the car, my husband and I went to run errands. I went to the Breadsmith to get the bread my mom had been wanting and to pick up a little extra dessert. My husband went into the Festival grocery store to pick up our pre-ordered turkey and get any last minute items we felt we needed.

At home, I decided we should eat in the antique dining room. So I started to clear off of the table and then my mom and I picked out the table cloth and I got it ready for tomorrow.

I made sure we had plates and things that wouldn't cause extra hassle for anyone.

I planned a dinner that also wouldn't be a hassle. We ordered the turkey already cooked and then we bought a bunch of heatable items to fill out the rest of the dinner, including the mashed potatoes. It wasn't about the cooking, it was about being together and this was a fun and "silly" way to still be able to have fun.

I also found a cool German Beer Glass from when my parents lived in Germany. So I got those out, too.

There were also these neat tumbler glasses with animals painted on them. I let me daughter assign all of us an animal glass. I used to love these glasses as a kid.

But we're technically ready for tomorrow. The dessert is in the fridge and the potatoes and turkey are safely stowed in the garage with the NA Cider for the kid. I don't know why I feel nervous. It's going to be just fine.

For now we'll watch some holiday or winter movies on FreeForm and relax before tomorrow. We've been doing lots of little tasks around the house, but it'll be fine. It's sadly so dark out, it's making everyone sleepy - no turkey needed.

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 25


Day 25: My Car

We have had so many issues with cars over my years since I started owning vehicles, but I am so thankful to have a car that is working and running properly right now. Even if I do have some fickle little nitpicks about things that I don't have control over. I love my car and am so glad we found it and have it to get around.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 24


Day 24: Clean Glasses

My glasses can't seem to ever be clean, so when I actually take the time to clean them, it is always such a blessing. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 23


Day 23: Socks and Slippers

The one day that I didn't swear them, I got a nasty sliver in my foot and it's still hurting today. I always wear socks or slippers in the house, because it gets chilly during this time of year. So I am really thankful I have things to choose from in order to keep my feet warm and my body healthy.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 22


Day 22: Family

I'm going to clump everyone together, because I don't want anyone to feel left out. But most importantly is my mom. I love her so much and this time together is challenging, but I am thankful for getting to spend the time with her. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Wellness Update #2


As I mentioned previously (somewhere before this), we spent the bulk of the week at my mom's. So all my fitness expectations kind of disappear. And then once I'm home, it's trying to figure out how to be home again. 

After one day of dealing with being home, I was able to get on the treadmill and I really rocked it out! I got up to 2.8 and a I did 1.5 miles all at one time! But now today I'm feeling sore and just really weak. Today is not a good day for me. 

Either way, I think the medication I'm on is negatively affecting my ability to lose weight. 

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 21


Day 21: Critical Role

I'm not going to go into all the nitty gritty about why I am thankful for Critical Role, but I'll focus just briefly on how I am in-this-moment thankful for Critical Role. 

Going through everything I am going through right now, Critical Role has offered a positive distraction that helps to get me through the day. I can listen to the show when I'm driving down to Milwaukee. I can put it on my TV on YouTube when I need something to distract me. I can watch it on my phone while I'm on the treadmill. 

My family connects over it. It's my husband's favorite show. It's a show my daughter is greatly interested in, because she is so interested in D&D right now.  It also inspires our own  D&D sessions.

They've had some super sweet merch that I've been able to get to help cheer me up and also for Christmas. 

So I've always been a fan, but CR has been a welcome distraction during this difficult time for me. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 20


Day 20: Pick-Up Groceries

I am so thankful that I can grocery shop online and pick up my groceries with contactless pickup. It saves me money and it helps me to stay safe and to keep my family safe. Plus now I know I have everything for Thanksgiving without wandering around the store, stressed out, and being around people.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy #14


Today is definitely a day that I am seeking joy desperately! I feel overwhelmed and a whole onslaught of negative emotions. I keep trying to do little things to push them away, but the onslaught is causing these almost-panic attack like experiences.  The horrible thought that keeps going through my head is "other people can deal with these little things, why can't you?" And I know why I can't, but then all I feel is "it's not fair" that I have this disability. Which then makes me feel guilty for not being happy with what I have been given in life and then I feel like a horrible person and then it starts all over again. 

Today is supposed to be a regrouping day. We arrived back home from my mom's yesterday and the I realized Thanksgiving is next Thursday. So I panicked. There was no relaxing yesterday, only crying. Then today I got Thanksgiving sorted, but now it's so many other things that are on my plate and I feel consumed and crushed.


Some positive things happened during the day that made me have these little happy moments. 

  • Organized my secret santa's gifts.
  • (Not pleased with the shipping of several things on Etsy, but also happy with some.)
  • My husband got me a fish sandwich! It was much craved and appreciated.
  • My daughter got excited to learn that Liam O'Brien used to voice the Wonderful Pistachio commercials.
  • Watched some of the final episodes of Supernatural with hubby.
  • The person on Board Game Geek who runs the Advent Calendar Geek List posted the 2020 list and I got to work on that post.
  • Worked on the prep for my Game-a-Day Calendar for my blog.
It was a day littered with tears and I tried to latch onto the small happy moments, but it's hard right now. I tried and am making an effort and that's what's important.

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 19


Day 19: A Bath or Shower

Geepers creepers, we are some stinky creatures. I am so thankful that I can bathe whenever I am feeling the need or whenever someone around me feels I should. I am also thankful for it, because I have a tween girl who is going to need to start using it more. Who woulda thunk sitting at home would produce so much sweat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 18


Day 18: Cheetos

Cheetos are my main comfort food. Sometimes it's just really nice to open a bag of cheetos and have a few. So much comfort!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Thankfulness Edition Day 17


Day 17: Take Out

When we're with my mom, having the option to get take out is great. We don't make dishes to cause more messes and it's ready when we need it. And after these long days at the hospital, it is great to have my husband pop out and grab us some delicious food.

Monday, November 16, 2020