Monday, September 30, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: October Challenge 2019

What in the world is wrong with me? Another game-a-day challenge? And why in the world am I doing it during the busiest time of the Fall? I mean... school just started and I'm doing this?

Yes. Yes I am. If I don't have a little something for me in my life, then I'm just a slave to The Man. Plus N.E.W. Game is this month AND our first Tabletop Club Lock-In is this month.

So let's get down to business! I picked spooky games. Well... spooky themed games. I'd say scary, but honestly they're not scary. We've got everything from werewolves, the zombies, to vampires, and even ghosts. I also included a game that was created from a movie that just absolutely traumatized me as a kid. I figured it'd be a bit fun.

There's no rhyme or reason to gameplay, other than trying to make the games work with my schedule, so let's get to the Joy of Gaming - Spooky Style!

October Movie Binge 2019

I don't usually swamp myself during the school year, but I was feeling really motivated to watch a bunch of ghost and possession movies. So that's where this list comes from. I divided the movies into sub-categories and then followed a progression that offers a connection in categories - or at least I hope so.

The thematic progression of the films:
  • Vengeful or Malicious Spirits
    • Haunted Objects
  • Possession
  • Haunted Places
    • Winchester Mystery House Inspired
  • Spirits in Need

Some of the films overlap a little in the theme, but sometimes it's hard to find a flawless progression.

This is not a list of favorites or an exhaustive list of the above themes. That is not to say that I overlooked or even had to pass on some of my favorites, but that's alright. I also tried to discuss series and occasional remakes, but some of the films have older or newer remakes and in those instances, I might choose to pick a preference film. The long and short is that I had to pick and choose and the following movies are what I came up. Films will be revealed on the day.

Happy Haunted Month!