Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #13 - How to Wrap a Present


How to Wrap a Present

Before you start to wrap your Christmas present, make sure you have plenty of MAD paper and lots of little BUGS to stick on the package. If you are wrapping something INVISIBLE, such as a/an SCARECROW, it is best to tape PETALS around any parts that might FOLD. Then take brown wrapping STRING and wrap it very LAZILY. Take care that there is not a/an SQUARE poking out anywhere. Now take the expensive IVORY paper that you bought at the DRAGON store and make a/an CURVY package. Finally, put stickers on that say “Do not OPEN until Christmas” and put it under the tree with all the other ABOMINABLE BANDS. Then on Christmas morning, when you see all your SPEEDY relatives opening their packages and saying, “GADZOOKS!” you will feel positively RUBBERY.

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