Monday, December 7, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #7 - A Visit with Santa at the North Pole


A Visit with Santa at the North Pole

Santa has a very GLOWING life. He lives at the North Pole surrounded by snow and SQUIRRELS. He is married to TRISH Claus and instead of children, they have SWEET little elves. This way, Santa can get help in his workshop for only 36 dollars an hour. The elves work eleven months a year making BRICKS and GNOMES for Santa to give children on Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the elves load up Santa’s ORNITHOPTER with the DARK presents. Then Santa hitches it to his team of LIZARDS and goes sailing through the sky. When he sees a child’s house, he lands on the CLOWN and slides down the chimney, landing on the BOOK. Then he puts the presents into the HATS that the children have hung on the mantelpiece. After he does this 25 times, he goes home to get ready to BAKE.

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