Monday, December 14, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Holiday Movies 2020 #14 - Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)


Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

When your husband tells you not to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, my advice is to listen to him. This was an excessive amount of time lost on nonsense! It got better after the halfway mark, but by then we were already disengaged and befuddled. It was also heartbreaking, because the budget was clearly very low. 

Essentially it’s a low budget variety show couched in a thin threaded plot of the Empire to stop Chewbacca from getting home for Life Day. I can at least appreciate that you can follow the Wookie storyline with no verbal communication. There was, though, some inappropriateness that left us questioning whether our daughter should be watching this variety show, though. 

Bottom line… hold onto your childhood memory of it being worthwhile and let this one go.

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