Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #17 - Christmas Vacation


Christmas Vacation

This year my entire family - my sister, my ORANGE brother, and my parents - are planning to spend the holidays in the PERFECT mountains in a/an DARK cabin built by my SPOONS. The cabin is in the middle of a huge FEATHER on the edge of a/an IDIOT, which is always frozen at this time of the BAG. If the ice is GROWING enough, we will be able to HUG on it. We will decorate the big pine SPACESHIP in front of the cabin with Christmas TABLETS. At night, we will build a fire in the GIRAFFE and toast TABLES. It promises to be a great SOUP. Next year I hope we can save up enough LEGOS so that we can afford to get on a/an JOKE and fly to the ASYLUM and have a really GREEN Christmas.

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