Saturday, May 12, 2018

It's Hard Out There for a Club

I've written extensively about my Tabletop Game Club. I have had my ups and down with the club. I started out passionate about it, lost some desire based on problems that were arising with students, and then was able to finally find my way again. Through all of this, we are still here and growing. And my proudest moment is announcing... this was our 5th year of running the club.

The work that has gone into creating what it is now is beyond what I can even explain. But after looking over our finances and how much I spend between club and my own classroom and, well, the volunteer hours, I decided it is time to finally beg the world to help me continue to run a club that isn't JUST a place for kids to sit and play games - it is a place that creates a family, contributing members of a larger community, and a safe space to you-do-you.

Minimum we spend about $300 on our club a year. We buy games for the kids, treats, snacks, host events and other things. We try to have perks for the club that make the kids feel special, like earning a membership pin each year that they're a member. We don't only participate in local conventions volunteering to run the family and kid areas, but we also have lock-ins and have hosted International Tabletop Day at our school. Our fundraising options are limited, so I'm swallowing my pride and reaching out to the greater geekisphere of gamers and asking for help.

Here is a link to my GoFundMe page. Please consider donating. Every little bit helps. All the information about our club, what we do, and what the funds will go to is already listed on the page. Please consider helping and spread the word. These kids truly do deserve a place that can call their own.

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