Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #8 - Scrooge Part 1


Scrooge (Part 1)

You have just read A Christmas Carol by ALAINA. Years ago in London, CAMBODIA, lived a mean, stingy CAVE named Scrooge. He was so stingy, he saved LAWS. In fact, he had more than 1,000,080 of them. When anyone mentioned Christmas, Scrooge said, “Bah! CODSWALLOP.” He had a/an BOUNCY bookkeeper named Bob Cratchit, and Scrooge made him work 316 hours a day. One Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge had a dream. He saw the Ghost of Christmas Past, who showed him what a THIN TIGER he had been. Then the SHELL of Christmas Present showed Scrooge the miserable home of Bob Cratchit and poor Tiny JIM. Tiny JIM had a temperature of 56 degrees. Then Scrooge met the Ghost of Christmas BUMPY, who took him to a/an DUMB cemetery, where Scrooge saw his own PARK. He also saw the grave of Tiny JIM. Scrooge turned LAVENDER and shouted, “TALLY HO!”

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