Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Night Movie #4

Today was a very different day. I didn't feel like myself and had a hard time getting motivated, even though there were so many things I wanted to do. I was finally able to coerce my husband out of the house long enough to get some fresh air!

I'm still doing camp. So be looking for all those entries around here on all the fun things that are going on. My two activities that I submitted were part of today's camp fun.

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Liquid Ghost Drinks
IGGPPC Camp 2020: Fireworks in a Jar

But in our world outside of camp, we watched Ghostbusters II for our family movie. Share some popcorn and Blood Punch (see camp).

Pretty simple day. I played Camp Grizzly with Ray, but I'm going to go edit my Thursday entry right now to add in that the game was played.

IGGPPC Camp 2019: Troop Slayer Day 2

Dear Camp Diary,

This morning was a rough one. Felt a little extra tired, but at least I was up in time to tuck in the moon for our camp morning stretch:
Last night a visit came around the camp:
So that's always an exciting bit of news!

Two of today's camping activities came from me. I hope people do them. The first is a density science experiment. The other is the ghost drink that frustrated me for a while, because I don't like Tonic Water.

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Liquid Ghost Drinks
IGGPPC Camp 2020: Fireworks in a Jar

I really wanted to work on the constellation board, but something weird was affecting me at camp today. I even fell asleep for an hour on my bunk. Luckily, though, I was up in time to help with the Camp Cup! The list of required camp photos to achieve the cup has begun! YES! I impulsively submitted coffee, because it was right in front of me. There were so many others to try, I don't know why I was so focused on that one. Or we could have just waited for everyone to sign up AND THEN take the picture, just in case we got stuck in a bind for one very specific type of photo.

I also worked to finish my Troop Doodles.

Another activity popped up for our troop and it's a "Who Killed Counselor Nos4a2?", but since I haven't been myself today, it was hard to get into the frame of mind to write. So I made notes.

Also, I was able to play a game of Camp Grizzly with one member of my secret troop. I think it's what made me miss the Shadow Games at camp.

It was secret movie night, though, and our troop is all into garlic and all that, so I made some Troop Slayer Garlic Popcorn and a glass of Blood Punch and my little secret troop (daughter/husband) watched a bootleg copy of Ghostbusters II in that secret VHS Cabin Hut Thing. Mwahahaha! I missed the Troop Slayer Watchalong, but I'm finding I'm shockingly anti-social for actual talking. Messaging, tweeting, and posting photos I can do.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! My "bunk" fort fell down twice today and I have to keep tucking in the sheets. It was very frustrating for the one pivotal hold to keep causing problems.

Before bed, my daughter and I applied our Troop Slayer yoghurt masks!
Our skin was so smooth and delicious afterwards!

My night wrapped up with some reading of Vampironica, which arrived today! Oh... and Happy Birthday, Harry.

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Liquid Ghost Drinks

We have heard alcoholic drinks referred to as “spirits.” This apparently became a term used, because of Aristotle. According to, Aristotle coined the term “spirits” for the distillation process. He felt that the alcohol put spirit into the body of the person who drinks it. Depending on how you decide to interpret that, you could be thinking, “I don’t want a ghost in me!” Oh goodness now. “Spirit” could be referring to just a move lively aspect of your countenance. But sometimes, when we imbibe too much, we might think like someone else has taken over our body!

The Glowing Ghost Cocktail switches things up a bit and let’s us, theoretically, drink the spirits! Sounds creepy, but just remember that you’re the one putting the stuff in the glass. The black light illuminates the Quinine in the Tonic Water that you’ll add – not alcohol. A flashlight or a light bulb will do just fine. At the bottom you can see the difference between a glass lit with the blacklight and one that isn’t.

Fair warning, the Tonic Water isn’t the most palatable of flavors. So go easy on it. You’ll still get your spooky moment. And if it doesn’t glow, add a splash or two more. Let those spirits overtake you and enjoy a little Science!

Glowing Ghost Cocktail Materials/Ingredients:

  • Black Light (flashlight or bulb)
  • Tonic Water (must contain Quinine)
  • Mixer (Lemon/Lime Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemonade)
  • *Alcohol if you know a good tonic drink

  1. Get a clear class (wine glass, drinking glass, whatever fits).
  2. Add 2 TBSP or more of Tonic to the glass. (Depends on your tonic preference, but you don’t need much to make it glow.)
  3. Fill the glass as much as you want with your preferred mixer.
  4. Stir together! (This is not a shaken drink!)
  5. Go to a dark room with your black light. Turn off the lights. Turn on the black light. (You don’t need to go to a dark room if you don’t want to. I made mine in a slightly darkened area and I just turned on my blacklight flashlight! Tah-dah!)
  6. Now drink those “spirits” and impress your friends!

My best suggestion is for you to experiment with some flavors before you commit to the drink. The thing about Tonic is that it tastes not very good. Gin can cut the taste, thus Gin n’ Tonics, but not all of us are feel like adding some gin to our drink. My daughter prefers 7UP and Ginger Ale. Clearish liquids don’t affect the black light color changing, so be careful about how murky you decide to make it. Playing around with different liquids, now that you know it’s the Tonic that makes it glow, can be another fun adventure. Keep it light and remember you don’t need alcohol for this drink to work.

Share your Glowing Ghost Cocktails with us on social media using the hashtag #IGGPPCamp!

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Day 2 Doodle Challenge

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Fireworks in a Jar

Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough cool stuff to do! Well at camp, there is always enough to do, and what would camp be without a good bit of Science magic? Today we’re creating fireworks in a jar!

A fun Science reaction is fireworks! When we think of fireworks, it’s those big, loud, color explosions during certain holiday festivals such as the Fourth of July in America or Burns’ Night in Scotland. We love the pops up color and the oohs and the ahhs. There are often so many complaints about fireworks and how loud and obnoxious they are, I thought it would be interesting to look for an experiment that would allow for a similar reaction without all the stress. I found one in the form of a fun Science experiment!

Having taught Science for several years, I love finding an experiment to do. Density experiments are some of my favorite. (To get a little technical, Density=Mass/Volume or D=M/V.) A popular density experiment is the seven layers of liquids experiment. You layer a bunch of different liquids and watch them separate into which density is more. Oil and water separate is an example of density.

This year for camp, I found a density experiment that can make tiny liquid fireworks! You just need a few simple household ingredients and you can watch the colors explode before your eyes! No need for protective gear or to thunder jacket your pets. Just follow the directions below and watch the colorful sights!


  • Tall, Clear Drinking Glass or Jar
  • Small Bowl
  • Warm Water
  • 2 TBSP Vegetable Oil
  • Liquid Food Coloring (multiple colors)
  • Fork (plastic or metal, doesn’t matter)

Fireworks in a Jar Instructions:

1. Fill the container 3/4 of the way with warm water.

2. In the small bowl, dump 2 TBSP of Vegetable Oil.

3. Slowly add a few drops of different coloring to the oil. Somewhere between 4-6 drops and 2-3 colors.

4. Take the fork and mix up the drops into smaller droplets.

5. Slowly pour the oil into the water, letting it slowly settle on top.

6. Now watch as little explosions of color fall from the oil into the the water!

Try this experiment with different colors and different amounts of food coloring. I know it took me a few times to figure out exactly the amount of food coloring I wanted to use.

Some people have suggested adding glitter or using some neon or glow-in-the-dark paints, but I found it didn’t work as well. You are free to experiment, because this is Science after all!

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Troop Slayer Doodle Challenge

Drawing is not now or never been my strong suit. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tabletop Thursday #4

GenCon Online started today. I am disappointed I'm not participating, but I had to make a choice between my IGGPPCamp or Online GenCon and it just felt like an easy decision to me. I GO to GenCon. Being online for it just doesn't have the same excitement for me. Plus I have Tabletop Thursday and 517 games!

Most of my daily entries will be in my daily Troop Wrap-Up and I'll be posting my activities as I complete them. It'll be a busy 4 days, but it'll be great!

Today, though, for tabletop suffered greatly at the hands of camp and apparently soreness from excessive exercise. We didn't get to the two games we had planned. I think my husband was having an off-day as well. So when we get to the games, I'll post it.


We played Camp Grizzly on Friday! Yay! It's up there on my self indulgent list of games. It's essentially a classic 80s horror movie. You player various characters types from the genre and you are trying to stay away from Otis! We have all the expansions, so we also have cameo visitors and some of the interesting new upgrades and characters.

What I find interesting is that we have been solicited to sell our game for several hundred dollars. It's an automatic NO, but I didn't know they had stopped making it. Just gone. This game is too great to just disappear. So my heart goes out to those who are looking for it. It's my baby, though, so... no sale.

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Day 1 Doodle Challenge