Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #4 - Toys for the Kids


Toys for the Kids

Today’s parents buy very MAROON toys for their little COOKIES. Fifty years ago, children got SOFT electric trains and baby dolls that said, “FLIBBITY GIBBETS,” when you squeezed them. Now children only want electronic DOGS. Even 30-year-olds know how to YELL a computer. Or a/an L-Phone. Kids want remote-controlled SOCKS. Or tiny robot monsters that can blow up your KANGAROO or take your WOLF prisoner. Everything has to have a silicon PIRATE in it and be operated by a nine-volt BOX. By the year 2030, all American children will probably want to have their own QUICK space shuttle and TINY robot playmate manufactured by a/an SILENT assembly line and will be operated by nine-volt RINGS.

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