Saturday, December 12, 2020

Christmas Fun Mad Libs #12 - Going to See Santa


Going to See Santa

Yesterday I took my friend PAPA DALE to see Santa Claus at the department store. He is only 6,174 years old, so I had to be sure to hold onto his TEETH whenever we crossed a/an TOY. When we got to the THUNDER, there was a long line of SUS kids waiting to talk to Santa, who was sitting on a platform in the LOAF department. Santa Claus is a big, fat, POINTY man with a/an BLUE beard who dresses in bright red GLASSES. Whenever a little kid came up, Santa would sit the child on his ENVELOPE and say, “HOBBLOB.” 

Then he would say, “Now, have you been a good little FIRECRACKER?” 

And the kid would say, “OMG!”

Then Santa would say, “And what do you want for Christmas?”

And the kid would say, “I want a/an T-REX,” or “I want an electric YODA,” or “I want some little toy COWBOYS.”

Then Santa would say, “You bet,” and the kid would run WEIRDLY back to his or her parents.

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