Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tabletop Thursday #1

Thursday is for a family tabletop game day. Depending on the overall mood of the group, we'll play whatever amount of games speak to us.

Today we played Disney Villainous and Sushi Roll.

Our first game turned into a celebration of Queens. My daughter had picked Maleficent and my husband chose the Evil Queen, so I chose the Red Queen and it all just felt right. We recently got some of the expansions and I've been having fun pulling the game out to "quick play." Today, playing the Red Queen, was a really quick game. Granted, my daughter was also only 2 spaces away from winning. Maybe when I played this as a two player with my husband and daughter, respectively, it felt like forever. I felt guilty for meeting my goal quickly, but I guess that's just the way the game goes.

Next we played Sushi Roll. I love all the sushi games (Sushi GO!), but my husband likes this the best. It's the dice rolling version of Sushi GO! The game went quick, only three rounds. My husband beat both of us soundly, but I have a feeling it's because he's been practicing. We'll get him next time.

On a side note, we had some pretty fun activities add to our game day.

First, our masks that we ordered from Disney back in April arrived! We're twinsing!

I'm also doing a "Christmas in July" holiday card swap with some of my online pen pal friends. My daughter and I are doing them together and I got out all of my stamps from my childhood. I found the embossing powder and we went full-dragon-gloss!

It rained pretty much all day, so we had lots to do.

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