Thursday, July 16, 2020

Tabletop Thursday #2

Today started off with a huge rush of stuff. First, though, it was a horrible night last night for the family. I kept waking up and finally had a two hour insomniac moment. While I was downstairs drinking a huge glass of water and then some tea (because that's going to help me sleep with all that water), my daughter comes downstairs needing water as well! What in the world!

We finally got back to sleep and slept for a bit, but the rest wasn't as good as I had hoped. My FitBit gave my first sleep set a INSERT # and my second sleep set INSERT #. No wonder today my body has felt supremely fatigued every time I try to get up and do something.

Once I was up, though, I had to start planning for my mom's birthday. So I was packing bags and organizing things. Off and on throughout the day it was talking to my mom. I spent, I think, a total of 3 hours on the phone with her today. Plus I decided to organize one of those Drive-By Birthday things that people are doing! So I was texting and messaging and all sorts of crazy. My mom was all acting like no one would show up and that's a load of crap. But it's happening!

Then I had to plan the food and the cake. This is JUST for my mom, by the way. So we were making grocery lists. I was packing up bags of crafts and activities to take so that they could do stuff that isn't just looking at cats. Essentially I planned an entire party weekend. Even movie night tomorrow night. I'm bringing my popcorn maker.

The reality is, though, that we won't do much of what I've brought, but I brought it anyways! I, personally, don't want to spend all of my time cleaning out basements and worrying about other things when I could be actually enjoying the time that's left with a giant Wubble and some glow sticks!

And it's GAME DAY! We played two games: Flick 'em Up (2015) and Tsuro: Phoenix Rising (2019).

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising was an interesting play. The feel of the tile cards drove me nuts, because they weren't like the other two games. The directions for capturing the stars was confusing, but we thought we followed the correct rules. My checked later and we had, which made my win so much more sweeter! My husband and daughter kept having to interact with each other while I sailed off on my own. It's a neat mechanic, but slightly tedious. I think I need to give it a few more plays. Sadly, my daughter was NOT in a great gaming mood and complained and then was not a gracious "non-winner." (Apparently the term "loser" greatly "triggers" her... another term we are nixing in this household.)

Then it was time for Flick 'em Up. It is a two-player game and my husband is trying to learn it so that he can beat everyone all the time. Haha! It's a dexterity game. Since I'm the current Queen of the Game, I bowed out to let the two of them play. Sadly, my daughter's behavior drove me out of the house for a walk with the dog.

When I returned, after being beaten by the heat, they had finished playing and my husband had proudly won. So how do you think that went over? Ah well. She was in a mood today.

Two other exciting events today were hearing back from Wyrmwood and Dnd Beyond. I contacted Wyrmwood about a personal dice tray and master dice vault for my daughter. I had wanted the Homebrew set, but while we waited for payday they went off the site. So I contacted them and they still had the extra set I was looking for! We got it all squared away and my daughter will have her own set for her 10th birthday, which is in 20 days! Here are the pictures of what we got, but we got it in Cherry Wood (the middle picture color).

The other thing I've been working on is what can I do with my students when they come back to school (distance or in-person). I am specifically talking about my game club students. Since I've been heading back into the world of GMing, I figured maybe it was time to switch gears a bit and strike up an RPG group with digital tabletop gaming on the side. I then saw a post about DnD Beyond being able to help out teachers who do DnD with their students. Well color me interested. Since it was already in my mind and I've done RPG before with my students (so much experience) and I think DnD Beyond would be the best digital tool for my kids, I contacted them about it. They got back to me and the help they offered made my tear up abit. So I'm super psyched to get this going.

And that's that. Long day of just busy, busy, busy. Too much people interaction, honestly. Online and on the phone. It can drain someone like me real quick. I felt like I was going to pass out or something in the early evening. I just felt like all the energy in my mind and body was just sucked out of me. Not a good feeling when I'm about to go visit my mom for three intense days.

As a side, I do have to level one complaint based on today. I really disliked interacting with a few people through email. As someone who has gotten in trouble for a recipient misconstruing my "tone" in an email and since our world has become very written-communication, you'd think people would think before they write. Additionally, I do not appreciate criticism or condemnation for events that I host that aren't for me. If I want to have my mom's drive-by at 10AM, because it's JULY, it's going to be REALLY HOT, she's on cancer medication where she shouldn't be IN THE SUN, and several people have to work in the afternoon... I don't really care if you stay up late and get up late. Don't come. This will probably be my mom's last birthday and you're giving me your little "shaded" criticism to what end? 

Mmmm.... so tired. Gotta call it a day!

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