Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Night Movie #2

Friday Night Movie!!!

We are spending time with my mom this evening and she chose to watch Hamilton!
But to get to this point, we went through so much.

This morning was spent packing up the family. I had everything ready and I was organizing to bring things for the mini-party. I want to make sure I had fun stuff to do so that my mom would spend the weekend doing fun things, instead of worrying about the house after she dies.

The packing and preparation took a turn for the worse when my family decided to suck all of my energy by forcing me to micromanage everything!

Once everyone was finally in the car, we drove towards Oshkosh where we then ran into some traffic. I had to amazing foresight to get off the freeway earlier, because I needed my husband to run in and get me a pair of shorts at the outlet mall. But as we continued to drive along the side of the freeway, there didn't seem to be signs of an accident and the traffic was at an absolute hault. Strange....

After the shorts were purchased, we pulled back out and continued to take the side road, noticing that the freeway was still empty. As we got closer to the next on ramp, I saw tons of police lights and some large yellow lights...  maybe fire trucks (I thought)? There was one lone helicopter circling, but it wasn't a newscopter. It all felt very strange. And as we pulled up to the on ramp and I looked back... everything had disappeared. What I had just seen had vanished. We couldn't find anything about it anywhere on the news or traffic things or anything!

Seriously freaked me out the whole ride. ADDITION: I did finally post to my Facebook and a friend said Mike Pence had arrived at the airport in Oshkosh, so it might have been connected to that. Figures. It really was government related, then. And I get not publishing that the VP just had a HWY shut down for his arrival. Pathetic. (If that is what it was and, honestly, that seems to be the case.)

The rest of the drive was smooth sailing, even once we got into Milwaukee.

After settling in, we had to go run some errands. We went to Wal-Mart. No. No no no. It was MISERABLE! Between the heat and the mask and the Wal-Mart! Oh my goodness I was in full Panic Attack mode by the time I got to the check-out. The check-out lady was really nice, which made things easier, but I was so not in a good way.

When we got back to the car and cranked the A/C, my husband had said something about an ICEE! Well it is Movie Night, so I opened my Marcus Theatres app and ordered the 2 ICEE and a bag of popcorn special to be picked up in 5 minutes! We drove the couple minutes to the theatre and picked up some goodies for the evening.

I realized, as we were driving home, that I had forgotten some things, so we pulled off into a Walgreens. As I was walking down the aisle I saw something that Wal-Mart had told me I wouldn't find anywhere... Super Soakers! Old school! Snatched up 3 of them!

Once home, I got to work on the avocado brownies so that those would be done.

I also wanted to make the living room like a theatre, but failed. In doing so, though, I discovered my brother's old Star Wars bed sheets!
 And when I went into the basement, I saw that my mom had found our Ewoks!
I had to send the pictures over to two of my coworkers who I feel are my nerdy-friends, but I sadly feel neglected by them when it comes to the geek. Meh. I send. They do what they do.

After gushing over lost memories, it was discussions over what to watch for the evening. We landed on Hamilton and it turned into an early movie night where we ate popcorn and shredded pork and watched this epic movie. My daughter was quite difficult about it, but we made it through after a REALLY LONG intermission.

The night quickly wrapped up after the movie and everyone got into bed and that was that. I am so tired, I can't even explain it. I can't believe I also had multiple mini-panic attacks. I haven't had those in forever. COVID life really has been damaging me and it doesn't look like it's going to stop damaging me.

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