Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday #4

What an exciting day of exploration!

I spent most of the morning working on the encounters they would have as they traveled away from Velkynevelve.

First, they're being pursued by the Drow. Oh no! So they had to make decisions about how fast they wanted to move and if they wanted people to be doing things to cover their tracks. They did choose myself and Eldeth to stay at the back of the Marching Orders. Then they chose Buppido to lead them to Gracklstugh, but as I evaluated the map, I decided that they would make a stop in Sloobludop first to get some supplies. I also really like what is happening there and it is a closer walk to hopefully get them ahead of their pursuers. 

After they got themselves settled and ready to go, they were off. 

Day 1 - to Sloobludop
They encounter a 35 foot wide river that cuts their path. There is no way around it, they must go through it. As they take a break on their side, they are able to locate waterorbs that provide some much needed food and water. Shuushar explains to them that there are some plants across the waterway that will help them carry some waterorbs. (I imagined waterorbs to be about the size of a gallon of milk, but were like giant sponges. Beautiful to look at.) The cross the stream, which reduced their pursuit level by 1. As some in the group start to hack down some trillimac to help carry things, something grabs Winter. A Giant Rocktopus!

They are forced to fight it off, but Shesti was really irritated that no one else joined them. We have 13 in our party still. What they didn't notice, though, was the Topsy and Turvy were stocking up on lots of extra supplies. After the defeat they were on their way at a fast pace, continuing to Sloobludop.

Day 2 - to Sloobludop
That morning, Topsy and Turvy were gone. They were nowhere to be seen and no one was looking suspicious. The rest of the day was uneventful, but Sprout was keeping his eye out for Topsy and Turvy, just in case they were still around.

That night Shesti stayed up with Buppido on watch. Shesti seemed very irritated that not more people were offering to keep watch. But on this particular night, Shesti was startled by Buppido poking something sharp into his back. There was no explanation and Buppido dodged all attempts at answering the question. Pretty interesting!

Day 3 - to Sloobludop
As they traveled for one more day, they stopped to forage and ran into 4 Giant Fire Beetles. From two of them they were able to extract the fire sack, which will give them varying degrees of light for their travels. And then they called it another night.

They'll continue traveling to Sloobludop next time we meet up. My daughter is still having trouble getting into the roleplaying part of it AND we had to stop her from meta-gaming. For instance, knowing stuff that my husband did at night and she acted like her character knew what had happened. Silly hunny bunny.

Next week, though, we had to change things up a bit. Our Tuesday will not be a day for D&D, but instead we will have moved it to Wednesday. Tuesday my daughter has some girl scout things going on and is having her friend over, who she hasn't seen in months upon months. They're going to have just the two of them do a little birthday party. Some cupcakes and sprinklers. Wednesday is my daughter's 10th birthday, so we'll be doing the Tomb of Annihilation on Wednesday night, where she will get her personal dice vault and dice tray AND she'll encounter the dinosaur cats! So exciting!

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