Saturday, July 25, 2020

IGGPPC Camp 2015: Year 2 Throwback

Troops: Troop Croft; Troop Hakuna Matata; Troop Lumos

I was:

I ran the Tabletop Tournament on BoardGameArena, but I can't find any of the past posts from it. I also can't find some of the pictures of the arts and crafts I did, but that's alright.

Digital Friendship Bracelets
My one from then is lost, but here is an example.
IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Camp Reading Game

IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Solo Photo Scavenger Hunt

IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Fiasco
I remember this didn't go well and I kept losing people in the middle of it. We weren't as advanced as we are now with audio/video communication.

IGGPPC Camp 2015 - Tabletop Photo Scavenger Hunt
I created a list of games that you posted pictures that had to do with the title.

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