Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Me-Day #4

I spent the bulk of today focusing on my walking. I have a new 10x2 walking schedule. Every two hours from the #:55-#:05 I am taking a brisk walk. I get my steps in for my hourly fitbit walking AND I get a mini spurt exercise. I have it schedule for 6 times in a day. Today was my first day adhering and, while I made my 6,000 step goal, I did not meet every walking goal. It's alright, though. It's day one and I want to ease myself in so I don't get too burned out.

While I get my physical goals set, I'm working on some food goals, but that's for another day.

Otherwise I spent the day setting up my calendar and getting caught up on some blogs. I'm starting to feel writers fatigue from all the blogs I'm working on. And I'm still feeling uncomfortable after yesterday's interaction online. I really do strive to limit interactions to positivity, because of how damaged I am, but we can't control other people and how they are going to behave or see the world or whatever. Some emails and "responses" I've gotten over the last three weeks would have definitely received a reminder from my boss about how to interact with people digitally. You don't hear yourself, but you think you're writing an appropriate email. Or talking down to people. I'm not a fan of that. When I've been doing something for many, many, many, many years don't talk to me like this is my first rodeo. And if you aren't sure if they are new or not, look it up before responding. And DO NOT have a million people run your emails and reply to an email that someone else is already responding to. Greg is already working with this person. Nancy doesn't need to step in and send their own comments. Not sure if people realize how confusing that is and it doesn't help anyone and shows a heightened level of unprofessionalism.

Anyways... my anxiety and negativity to certain things that were positive for me are kind of rearing their ugly head. Even writing this entry here is like a trial by fire. EAT YOUR PEAS! Ahhhh!!! But if I stop, I'm giving up. If I stop, my goal for this is over. Keep on keepin' on!

I rounded out my day, though, with a few movies. Keeping with the trend I suppose.

Cute movie, but totally absurd. Made me laugh just enough and kept my mind off of horrible things that would eat away at my soul!

Swing Kids
I absolutely love this movie. It came out in 1993 and I just found out their was a 2018 Korean Remake! It's so worth watching and the cast is stellar. Robert Sean Leonard is absolutely inspiring!

Saving Mr. Banks
Emma Thompson was very scary in this movie, but it had so much heart and was so inspired. Loved it. Glad I finally clicked to watch it. If you don't know, it's the story of how Walt Disney bought the rights to Mary Poppins.

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Sadly, incredibly disappointing. It felt very weird to watch. I had several moments where I felt very uncomfortable watching the interactions of the main character with Mr. Rogers. I love Tom Hanks, but I think casting him as Mr. Rogers maybe wasn't the best casting choice... too often I found myself thinking of Forest Gump and feeling sorry for Mr. Rogers. I don't know... it felt awkward and I had a hard time staying invested and interested.

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