Thursday, July 30, 2020

IGGPPC Camp 2019: Troop Slayer Day 1

Dear Camp Diary,

Started today off right with some Blood Punch! (Thanks Counselor Nos4a2!)

Blood Punch
Drink of choice for vampire kind and humans alike, this punch is tart and sweet. It’s also very customizable! You can swap any of the juices for another red juice of your liking, and the Sprite with ginger ale or seltzer water.

16oz/50cl pomegranate juice
20oz/60cl Sprite
8oz/25 cl cranberry juice
4oz/12cl  apple juice (to balance out the tartness)

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir to combine. This recipe makes enough for about 6 servings.

And with any morning, it's important to read the daily troop memo to find out what kinds of amazing things are going on! We have some yoga stretching, which will be good to do before my hike today. The Doodle Challenge Prompt AND the Troop Photo Scavenger Hunt Prompt were both posted! (YES!!!!)

Then it was time to read the camp announcements on the larger board. I clicked over to the new report of all the things coming up. I gathered my barings for the list of activities for today. In the Mess Hall there will be Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. In the Arts & Craft Shed we have Celestial Wall Hanging Craft and Cross-Stitch Badge. I think I might only be able to handle one of those. Me and Cross-Stitch have never made friends.

At noon (CST) there is something called Geeky Timeline. At 1PM (CST) there is a Troop Slayer Hangout. At 2PM (CST) there is a staff welcome hangout. These two welcome hangouts are repeated at 5:30PM and 6:30PM (CST) respectively.  I'm not sure if those are verbal hangouts or people just get together in Discord, but we'll see if I get into that. 

So as I headed off into this day of exciting exploration and adventure, I sang to myself the Iggle Camp Song (spell out IGGPPC and twinkle, twinkle yo!): 

Camp IGGPPC, you mean everything to me!
Make a bracelet, sing a song,
With iggle camp you can’t go wrong,
Food and fun times with your friends
It’s iggles now and till the end
Camp IGGPPC, you mean everything to me!

First I followed the stretching directions for the day:

Then I did the stretches for my Troop. Ooof... my body is super stiff... so seriously this is crazy intense for me! Plus I'm not a thinny minnie. I'm a chunky monkey! Ha! As with Just Dance, I did my best, because it's just about getting physical and moving. 

I think all the exercise did me in, today, though, because halfway through the day my limbs felt like a million pounds. Well, combined with being tired from the previous day's 90 minute workout and a lack of sleep due to excitement!

But before things took hold, I was able to do some cool cooking and crafts:

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Celestial Wall Hangings
IGGPPC Camp 2020: Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I am not going to comment on my inferior crafting skills. There are some things I do well and others that I don't.Wall Hangings are one of the don'ts, I think.

I also started work on the Troop Scavenger Hunt and the Troop Doodle Challenge. I realized I am NOT much of a drawer. Never have been and never will be. But the Doodles will do. I'll post them when I am finished.

Oh and I missed the Geeky Timeline activity, but I did it on my blog.

After a pizza I had a surge of energy, but it only last an hour or two before I was back down for the count. Ooof. There were some cabin chats I missed and whole camp things I missed today. There's just so much to do and no matter what it is hard to keep up with everything online. Especially when it's done in a forum/twitter/chat format. Woowee!

But the first day was full of fun and excitement and I really enjoyed what I was able to get done. Tomorrow my daughter and I are going to get our dress-up on. Today just wasn't the day at our house.

So goodnight camp! Sweet dreams. Don't forget to let the right one in.

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