Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday Me-Day #2

I couldn't believe I got to spend the majority of my morning mostly alone. Just the sounds of the dogs whining to be fed and the waterfall of the fish tank filter.  Sans whinging, it's one of the best ways to start the day!

I was able to get some of the Safer-at-Home tasks down and was able to start looking more into what's going on with Free Comic Book Summer. I started work on my daily calendar and listed off tasks I have to finish, like:

        • Mail Iggle Christmas in July Cards
        • Complete 2 Canvas Modules on How to Use Canvas
        • Make Health Assessment Appointment
        • Prep for D&D
        • Geek Camp Activities
        • Camp Blog Entries

Yeah... I've got stuff to work on this week. Creative work takes energy.

I also was able to put my new stickers to good use:

And my weekly menu selection is finally a functional list, instead of assigned days. I love it!

When my daughter did finally come downstairs, she immediately took to her morning tasks without any prompting. (WHAAATT!!!) Then we finished up our Christmas in July cards and got those ready to go out today (and they did go out today). Boy did we rock that! She even learned about return address labels and how to read an address on an envelope. Kind of feel a little "winning" today.

The majority of the day has been spent on Me. I just really needed a time-out day, so after some phone calls, sporadic conversations with in-house family, and some tasks, I relaxed on the couch.  I also had the funny conversation of "it is Monday Me-Day for EVERYONE!" So my daughter could do her own thing and my husband could do his own thing. It was incredibly refreshing and nice to just be. It went along well with the Mindfulness Monday mentality I'm pushing for with my Safer-at-Home Hoopla challenge.

I've been watching Victoria. Really interesting stuff. I spent a good deal of time studying the Victorian Era in college. It was a strange blending of romantic and enlightenment mentalities that I found greatly intriguing. But Victoria, as a monarch, is also a very interesting historical figure. The show, though, started hitting some really dark patches. Dark patches that almost seem to echo things that are going on in our world TODAY! Hmm... history repeats itself much?

I also was able to work on the DnD session for tomorrow. I am so excited, but more nervous about this one. I think because there are sooooo many NPCs (non-player characters) that I have to control and they're all super pivotal. Meh. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

The other day I picked back up with Critical Role and their second campaign. Since I'm running DnD again, I feel the need to be inspired. My husband thought it was to be more like Mercer, but it wasn't for that at all. It was for the vibe of the RPG sessions. Kind of great. And it helps me center myself for dealing with how players act. What kinds of things will I let go and what kinds of things will I be like "" Or is that a natural player tick or is it something that I need to kabosh! I started back up on a 5 hour episode, though, so... it'll take a little while to finish.

The day wasn't all rainbows and kittens, though. For one, I realized how long days are. This whole blogging everyday has made me realize how long days really are and how much really goes on in a day. Second, moods shift and change throughout the day based on numerous variables.

After a pretty sad moment, my husband surprised the family with something really neat. I know this sounds lame and silly, but I asked for ice cream. I had my reasons for needing ice cream, but what he brought back with it was the sweetest thing. Our little local ice cream stop was selling soft pretzel fries and cheese. Soft pretzels are one of my absolute favorite things. And it really lifted my spirits. Not just the fries, but the gesture of just absolute thoughtfulness and sweetness from my husband.

Even moreso, because I screwed up dinner and our chorizo and cream cheese stuffed baby bell peppers wrapped in bacon tasted very subpar.

Today was one of those days where you realize everything is changing and how much is out of your control.

My mom finally called me on her way to her doctor appointment. Her cancer treatments aren't helping. Things aren't going in the upward positive way we were all hoping for. She has a CT scan on Monday, which will show us how bad the cancer progress is. The cancer markers are up (which is bad) and some other numbers are not good numbers. Next week we'll need to decide whether or not she'll do chemo or just carpe diem. But her 70th birthday is this Saturday! So I wanted to talk about that. So I'm trying to plan something nice for that. I'd like to take her out on a boat for a day on the water, but we'll see how that goes.

But let's end on a happier note. My steps for today are 3939. Just a reminder that I'm getting old.

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