Saturday, July 11, 2020

Go-With-The-Flow Saturday #1

We've been dying to go back to the local  Farmer's Market, if only for some in-season and great produce. Today I finally got the chance and I didn't leave too disappointed. I was able to stop at Great Harvest Bread Company and get some Challah and Lemon-Blueberry Bread. Don't tell anyone, but I've been stalking their breads online. I'm not supposed to be eating carbs and sugars and all that, but sometimes... a loaf of Challah is just required for happiness in life.

From their Facebook Page.
I got super sweet props, though, from the ladies there for my strangely coordinated outfit. I'm so geekified at this point that the coordination just happens. This will also lead to be splurging some more on a Chewbacca Frappuccino at Starbucks... oh goodness me...

I was able to grab some Chief Pop from OshPop. Again, another splurge for various reasons.

Then it was time for Olden's Farm where we've gotten produce from for a while. I timed my vegetables wrong and they didn't have any broccoli, but I got a pretty good haul of zucchini, cucumbers, beats, corn, and cherries. As we walked farther down, I found some broccoli that I really needed. 

My husband also saw a bubble lemonade stall, so he stopped and got one for himself and our daughter. We've not supposed to be eating and things AT the market with all the COVID-19 stuff, so we got it on our way out. I wish I had gotten cheese curds from the cheese booth, but we were experiencing a strange mixture of feelings being there, so we felt it was best to get our stuff and leave.

Then we wanted breakfast and I was TRYING to be good, so we opted for Taco Bell and I could get a burrito-less breakfast burrito bowl, but we were too early. So we went to pick up our groceries first, which we were also early for. As we drove down the strip mall drive there was a massive line queuing outside of a store. I looked up and saw it was our local Hallmark store and told my husband it was probably the Keepsake Ornament release date. I pointed out the fellow "nerds" and said they're probably getting the Star Trek and Star Wars ones and all that. My husband thought it was silly and that it was something else, but I was pretty darn positive. I just didn't know it was a line-creating thing. 

I tried to participate in the Wizards Unite Community Day, but realized the tasks were really pretty out there and decided to just play for fun while we waited for our grocery pick-up. Then, as we went to get a car wash and my husband looked up the Hallmark Ornament release thing. And sure enough, I was right, but then we started looking at the ornaments while our car ran itself through the wash. My husband seemed shocked that I was right about the Star Trek ornaments, but I was like "uh... duh... they release some every year for the major geek fandoms. Where do you think I get my ornament wishlist from?"

Finally, though, we made it for breakfast and I was very disappointed. So while we sat at the Taco Bell and ate, I put in my pick-up order to Starbucks for a Chewbacca Frappuccino and some of those everything Bantam Bagel bites. I should have got the eggs, but those bantam bites were calling to me with their cheesy center!  

Our Taco Bell and Starbucks are right next to each other and there are so many issues driving in that space, it is crazy absurd. Want a panic attack? Go to Starbucks and Taco Bell in the same trip. ha!

And then we were home and unloading everything. We talked to our daughter, who hadn't been feeling well, but told us she was so TRIGGERED! Uh... come on kid... seriously? So excited for all the internet lingo to bubble up... "triggered"... whatever. 

I spent a chunk of my morning watching parts of Hamilton again and talking to my husband, among other things. Realized at some point that our daughter didn't hang up the phone from our call earlier, so it was off the hook for 4.5 hours! Where's that "off the hook" tone?!?!

Then the mail arrived and the masks I ordered from TeePublic arrived! I know it seems silly that all of a sudden I have all these masks arriving. My husband already made fun of me for it, but the Disney ones were ordered back in, like, April. Plus if I end up having to go back to work I'm going to need a circulation so that I can wash them. I don't go out often now or for long stretches of time, so I don't need masks. Plus I was trying to find ones that fit and feel comfortable. I've found them now, though, and, yes, I can function just fine. Plus the feeling that I'm helping keep others safe makes me feel good.

Civil War....
Because Marvel.

Mask fashion show was a must! These are nice, because you can insert your extra padding or filter.

Then it was time to just relax. At 2:30PM the sun just tanks our house, so my headache came back and I put on the Downton Abbey movie and ended up napping on the couch for a bit. Then it was time to start prepping dinner. It was an early dinner.

The night rounded out with some work on Out of the Abyss and my personal Firbolg Druid. Thank goodness he's a "support" character, because Druids can be frustrating to play... I've heard. It's going to be awesome!

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