Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Me-Day #1

Mondays are always hard to deal with, quarantine or not. But on our Mondays, we're trying to get back into the week and build our routines. So my Mondays are now going to be about me and making sure I'm on the right track for the week, trying to start off on the right foot.

First, I started by setting up my goals for the week:

  • Fitness: Drink 8x8 a day; Start mini-walks; Find a family exercise routine
  • Tasks: Mail pen pal package overseas; Finish 1 Canvas Module for work
  • Personal: Prep for Tuesday's DnD session and start the next week; Work on Camp Activities; Work on the Camp Throwback Entries; Reboot Safer @ Home Activities

I also have daily routine goals, but those are personal. My daughter and I wrote our daily routine goals and motivational quotes on our bathroom mirrors in chalk markers.

Today, myself and my daughter started out by working towards our walking-3x-weekly goal. Unlucky for us, it was already in the 80s and muggy when we went out at 7:30AM, but we got in a little walk with Logan, our dog.

Due to the heat and humidity, we had to postpone our trip to the dog park for our two dogs.  They are both dying to go back, but the wet weather and the heat are making it difficult for us to want to lug them out there.

Today we also tried a mini-workout activity, which was the following:
      • 20 jumping jacks
      • 15 modified push ups
      • 20 crunches (modified for me)
      • 30 second plank (attempted... my daughter's first)
It was... awkward, but we made it through. Not sure if this'll be a routine or just something we do. Guess I'll find out as the week goes on.

I started my mood tracker today. These new medications are doing a number on me, so I want to make sure that I'm keeping my own self-analysis in check. It'll help when I go back to the doctor.

I got my water tracker started. That always seems to be the biggest routine builder. I'm technically on week 2 of tracking my water intake, but now it's an official routine addition.

Meal planning is already set. I know the schedule will break some, but at least I have my options listed. We'll need to regroup this week to evaluate what we have in our home.

The Wii has now been setup again. My daughter and I were playing on it some. This will end up being a Wednesday "official" activity, even though it's easy enough to just stand up and do a round of step or something with the WiiFit program. Maybe do a dance or two with Just Dance.

(I'm not really sure what these entries are going to be yet, so I'll end this here. Hopefully next week I'll have something more concrete to share.)

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