Monday, July 13, 2020

Safer-at-Home Hoopla - Mindfulness Monday: Scavenger Hunt

Something with a texture that is comforting.
I recently fell in love with Squishables. They are so stress relieving. My pizza slice has six different textures on it that really help when the stress and anxiety start to take over.

Something that starts with the same letter as your name.
My Star Wars Funkos! These are just 4 of the tons.

Something you can turn.
My mom gave my husband this maze ball many years ago. You have to see the tiny numbers and get the ball to follow the path. We've all taken our turn but I forget who has the highest level.

Something colorful.
Sagrada is absolutely beautiful. I love how bright the dice are and the artwork is stupendous! 

Something that has a scent that brings back good memories.
This candle has the spiced apple scent of fall and winter. Apples are connected to so many good memories for me.

Something you are thankful for.
I'm going to be in the moment and say that I am thankful for my husband who loves me so much he got me soft pretzel fries and cheese when he went out to get me an ice cream. Today I really needed it. So I'm thankful for the pretzel fries AND my husband.

Something on the floor.
I made that bed that my dog, Lessa, is sleeping on. It's on the floor and it makes me so happy to see her enjoying the bed I made her.

Something in nature.
I love when my Chromecast screen runs slideshows.

Something that makes a sound that always makes you smile.
This song always... I'm like the dad in the commercial.

Something that makes you feel proud of yourself.
My calendar and planner always make me feel proud of myself. I stay organized and my stickers are so wonderful. I think it's the organization of it all that helps me feel calm.

Something blue!

Something that is puzzling.
My baby girl puzzles me all the time.

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