Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday Night Movie #3

I found last night right before bed what troop I'll be in for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Summer Camp 2020!
Welcome to Troop Slayer, where vampire hunters and those that they seek come face to face. Bound together by friendship and garlic, these brave and curious campers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Spooky mansion? Haunted graveyard? A bump in the night? Troop Slayer is ready to investigate! Grab your stake or sharpen your fangs (or both if you happen to be Blade) – it’s time for some fun and adventure. Welcome to camp!
So that was an exciting way to end last night. Today, though, started with a power outage! Those are exciting, because you never know how long it'll take them to fix the power out here. It went out around 1:30AM and they had it back up by 5:30AM. So we were lucky this time.

Most of today was spent watching movies, doing hourly walking challenges, and cooking.

I started out watching Monty Python's Life of Brian. Oh goodness... Graham Chapman was in blackface at the beginning of the movie. It was part of the 3-wise-men bit. It was clearly blackface. This bothered me something fierce, because you take these other episodes off of streaming services, because someone had mud on their face or whatever, but here you have someone clearly playing someone else and it's alright? I'm starting to think it's things where the show or movie draws attention to the fact that the person is in black face. But I was so shocked, because I hadn't heard anyone start to rage against Life of Brian. I will say, some of the bits in it were quite modern. There was a section where Eric Idle's character wants to be known as Loretta and they discuss the rights of the womb. Oh goodness. While a funny bit, it still was interesting and political. There were a few spots like that, which is why I think I like the movie. Life of Brian has always been my favorite Monty Python movie.

When that movie was finished, I put on Tootsie. I don't know why, I just felt like watching it.
While the movie wrapped up, I began the process of making zucchini bread with my friend Char's zucchini! My husband and daughter had gone out to do our grocery pick-up, so I had the house to myself for quiet time. I mean, we can all be in our separate rooms away from each other for individual quiet time, but there's nothing like having the house to yourself while the neighbors do shared-wall-home-improvement projects!

To distract me, I put on The Queen after that, because it just felt right. I, personally, appreciate the Netflix show's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II more than Mirren, but Mirren did a good job at the time, maybe... I don't know... I feel more educated about her now and I wonder if that's how she really was or is...

During this whole time, I was also making sure I put in 500 steps an hour, minimum, so that by the end of my "day" I'd have the 6,000 goal I currently have set. Yeah, we're supposed to aim for 10,000 - whatever. I have to start with little goals to help build up to the greater goals. Build in little routines so that it doesn't seem like such a massive shift and then it becomes part of the daily existence. That kind of thing. I did meet my 6,000 step goal for today, but I did not meet my 250-every-hour goal on my Fitbit. I just didn't get up doing our movie night, because I was watching a movie with my family.

When The Queen ended I put on JFK (1991), which I haven't seen in years! Oh my goodness it was a wild movie. Also, watching it now, that Jim Garrison was kind of crazy! It almost felt like he took Shaw to court just to be able to present his "conspiracy" theory. That might be what Stone wanted us to get from the film, but oh my goodness...  Oh! And Michael Rooker (Yandu from Guardians of the Galaxy and Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead) is in the movie! I flipped, because his character always stood out to me and was so interesting, despite the twist at the end. Boy did he look young and not at all like how we know him now.

I also informed my husband that I still am an official "second shooter" conspiracy theorist. I do NOT think Oswald acted alone. After I told him that, it dawned on me that I watched two movies that deal with conspiracy theories: The Queen - Princess Diana's Death and JFK - Who REALLY killed Kennedy?  Yeah... that was an interesting duo.

Then it was time for dinner. I prepped the rotisserie chicken leftovers with some broccoli from the farmer's market. Then my daughter and I made Wonton S'mores! It was our movie treat!

That was our movie treat instead of popcorn, even though my husband and daughter had most of them. I, instead, snuck some pretzels with onion and chive cream cheese.

Our movie for the evening ended up being:

My daughter had apparently never really sat down to watch Ghostbusters, despite our insistence on numerous occasions. Tonight she watched it. She really enjoyed it. Now she wants to watch the second one! WOOHOO! She also can't seem to sit to watch a movie for longer than an hour. We're concerned about this, but will backburner it for another day.

As a last hurrah for the evening, I had learned it was Tequila day today, so my husband and I made a mule drink with Tequila! It was actually really good, but mine ended up being really spicy and that was confirmed by my husband (that mine was spicier than his). I guess my little slice of jalapeno sat in the liquid longer.

It was a good day! Here's to tomorrow!

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