Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Night Movie #4

Today was a very different day. I didn't feel like myself and had a hard time getting motivated, even though there were so many things I wanted to do. I was finally able to coerce my husband out of the house long enough to get some fresh air!

I'm still doing camp. So be looking for all those entries around here on all the fun things that are going on. My two activities that I submitted were part of today's camp fun.

IGGPPC Camp 2020: Liquid Ghost Drinks
IGGPPC Camp 2020: Fireworks in a Jar

But in our world outside of camp, we watched Ghostbusters II for our family movie. Share some popcorn and Blood Punch (see camp).

Pretty simple day. I played Camp Grizzly with Ray, but I'm going to go edit my Thursday entry right now to add in that the game was played.

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