Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday Movie Night #1

What a Friday! Up too early. Then a trip out to Michaels for some The Happy Planner stuff and Chick-fil-A. Then home to work on Christmas cards and DnD. Right as I was settling in to watch the last of Cobra Kai Season 2 our internet went out. And that was the situation for several hours.

We focused on doing our movie night a little earlier, so we made some Insta-Pot Beef and Broccoli with Cauliflower Fried Rice. Then it was time....

My daughter had been wanting us to watch Frozen II with her for quite some time. She'd already seen it. When I asked her what she wanted to watch, this was the movie that immediately came out of her mouth. So the popcorn was made and we all settled in to watch Frozen II.

I enjoyed it, but the first movie was better. This was just a cute little additive. The movie had all the raw emotion and chessiness of the first and finally negated the Tarzan theory. I couldn't, though, get King George out of my head (the actor is Kristof). We had all sorts of fun jokes, especially after I shared this BuzzFeed quiz I took:

Then my hubby took it, too.

I noticed our Houses switched back to what they were before we did the official Pottermore sorting. And he was surprised he got Aaron Burr on a different quiz and here he got Hamilton. I actually had Jefferson on my Hamilton quiz, so getting Lafayette was funny.

Overall, it was an interesting day of family. Our first week of The Family Plan had its hiccups, but could really turn into a great thing in the upcoming weeks.

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