Sunday, October 6, 2019

Those Custom Starbucks Frappuccinos

I haven't been to Starbucks in a long time. I find them to be overpriced and often so sugar-packed I can't imagine consuming that amount of sugar daily. That's not to say I'm not a sucker for cool things and this weekend I totally indulged in the world of obnoxious custom drink orders.

We went full on The Nightmare Before Christmas. We were at a game convention all weekend with my family, so I knew I had to get a drink for myself, my daughter, and my husband. This was the perfect thematic lineup. I found the easy recipes on

Sally ( How-to-Make)
This was absolutely delicious! My daughter and I were almost obnoxious enough to fit over it! Not too sweet and a total treat. A must try if you're doing any of these!

How to order:
- Size (we did Grande.)
- Vanilla Bean Frapp
- Add Matcha Powder
- Caramel drizzle on sides of cup
- Whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and freeze dried strawberries on top

Jack "The Pumpkin King" Skellington ( How-to-Make)
My husband drank it, but it just wasn't our bag. If you like the chia and spiced pumpkin and all that, it might be your thing, but it definitely wasn't ours.

How to order:
- Size (we did Grande.)
- Pumpkin Spice Frapp
- Chai syrup
- Mocha drizzle on sides of cup
- Whipped cream on top
- Java chips on top

Oogie Boogie ( How-to-Make)
This was my drink and now is so naughty that I want it more. Cookie crisps and mocha and it's a chocolate chip cookie in a cup. The java chips and the cookie bits just make it so delicious. It looks pretty great, too!

How to order:
- Size (I did a Ventie, because I thought it needed space....)
- White Chocolate Mocha Frapp
- Add Java Chips mixed in
- ON THE BOTTOM: Whipped Cream with Java Chips
- ON THE TOP: Whipped Cream, Matcha Powder, and Mocha Cookie Crumbles

There is another way to order it, but I couldn't remember. Had something to do with the type of base Frapp, but I can't remember what it was.

The next day we went in and got two more creations. The first one I ordered that I had seen floating around was the Pennywise It: Chapter Two drink. The second one was the Maleficent drink that had apparently been hacked from Disney.

Pennywise It: Chapter Two  ( How-to-Make)
My daughter insisted on drinking this one and it tasted just like strawberries and cream. Our local Starbucks did an awesome job! We would totally order again. My barista knew what it was, but had never made it. So excitement!

How to order:
- Size (we did Grande)
- Vanilla Bean Frapp
- Strawberry Puree (either on the sides and/or drizzled on the top before the whipped cream)
- ON THE TOP: Whipped Cream and freeze-dried strawberries

Maleficent ( How-to-Make)
This thing tastes like a FRUIT LOOP!!! Oh my goodness... what a treat! If you like fruit loops, this is the drink for you. I wanted to share it with my husband, but he was so busy gaming, I couldn't share this amazing secret with him. Honestly just so delicious!

How to order:
- Size (we did Grande)
- Vanilla Bean Frapp
- Add in blueberry and dragon fruit
- ON THE TOP: Whipped cream and matcha powder
Someone said ask them to make the matcha powder whipped cream, but I couldn't do that to them.

I have more frapp tries coming up. I've found all sorts of crazy ones and now feel compelled to try them. I can't say I'm not totally stoked.


  1. I'd be too worried about messing my order up but a few of these sound great!

    1. I like how there was a "How to Order" section on the blogs and posts I was reading, so I wanted to ad those. I was sooooo scared to go in, because of my own anxiety about making the baristas feel inconvenienced, but I brought my daughter with me (and made her my scapegoat) when I went inside and ordered these. I shared the pictures, too. The drinks in this post were made by some very excited baristas who had never seen or heard of these drinks before, save for the It one. They thought it was the coolest thing and, while a large order for 3 at a time, they really wanted it to look great! I contacted the store later and gave them made props.

      So don't be scared. The How-To on the drink sites make it easy and in the order. I fought it forever and finally did it and now it's like "YES! ALL THE DRINKS!!!" hahaha!