Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: October Challenge 2019 - Day 3: Campy Creatures (2017)

I loved playing Campy Creatures right after The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein, because it's another mad scientist game. Here you get to revisit your favorite campy Silver Age horror movies. You're a mad scientist who needs humans (mortals) to complete your experiments, so you send out your army of creatures to retrieve what you require. The game uses hand management and set collection to achieve your goals and save the day. Will you collect enough humans? Or will your experiments fail?

The artwork will make you think of the heyday of horror and might even inspire in you and your friends your own campfire stories. Make sure you don't fall into the pit-traps of getting stuck with the fickle engineer, the vengeful hunter, or even the deep sea diver and his unpleasant harpoon gun. Campy Creatures is good for a laugh and lots of fun!

A great addition for any scary game selection. It's a quick play and there's an expansion. I haven't picked it up yet, but I love Campy Creatures enough to go off and get it.

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