Friday, October 4, 2019

The Joy of Gaming: October Challenge 2019 - Day 4: Unspeakable Words (2007)

Unspeakable Words is my absolute favorite word game EVER! I can't explain why, except that the rolling the dice mechanic to see if your sanity is affected really interests me. It's not like Scrabble where you try to get the better of other people with really weird words. It's more about making the words, tallying the score and then descending into madness!

The little tiny Cthulu are also absolutely adorable. The Deluxe Edition has new little Cthulus with different colors and a glow-in-the-dark D20.

I've played the game quite a bit with my students, who it always seems to be a miss, because they don't like word games. Even if it's only 3-letters or more, they don't seem to want to make words. I think in their mind, they HAVE to score high level words, when just nickle-and-dime your way to a win is still totally alright. I want to argue that some of it might be vocabulary or insecurity about spelling, but too often I see them just want to call a mulligan, because they can't make a word. Deep down I also wonder if it just accesses the kind of mental faculties that they don't associate with games.

Either way. I enjoy it, but even my daughter can't seem to get into it.

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