Thursday, August 13, 2020

Tabletop Thursday #6

Today I made up for some of the missing excitement from the previous day. First, my family was all up the same time as I was, so that's always weird to me. But since my husband was up, I got him to play around round of Pandemic Legacy Season 2... the intro mission. Sadly, we didn't win again. We aren't going to go into the game until we beat this beginner lesson, which we had already done, but it was so long ago.
After the game we did some general upkeep. I mailed out my Troop Slayer postcards. Also found out that my school district is going to be re-evaluating the plans they have for the Fall. We start school very soon and people are scrambling to get things in place and get things finalized and now the school board is going to revisit things. We're all in a hard position everywhere. I only wish I had some form of stability to know what is going to happen. Oh the times we live in. I figured, though, the news would be food for my mom, who really hopes I don't end up back in the school with kids. I understand her fear, but we'll make things work no matter what happens.

This afternoon, we set up Root. My daughter kabashed our game, because she was so tired and wanted to nap. So she went upstairs to take a nap. I fell into the trap of being on the couch when the sun is shinning in from the outside and got sucked into a cat nap.

Not wanting to doze anymore, I got my husband to play a game of Wii Bowling with me and then we did a quick Just Dance game. He was much better competition than my daughter. I really enjoyed playing with him.

Our sleepy daughter finally came downstairs and we were able to play Root! It was a bit heavier than I anticipated, but I'm sure plays faster once you know how to play. My daughter ended up having a small meltdown when I stopped her from getting her mouse card that would help her win. It was a little frustrating, but interesting.

Finally, I was excited to hear from my student teacher from the Spring. Turns out he has my two notebooks and a resource book I've been scouring the world for! I am so very, very excited about this news. I was devastated that I had lost my Reader's Notebook teacher copy, because I wanted to transfer it to the digital notebook I'm making. Now I can! I am so excited about it. I can now get to work on that notebook and organizing my lessons.

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