Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wii Wednesday #5 (Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday #5)

Today is my daughter's actual birthday. Her friend stayed the night and the two woke up and gamed together. Once it was around time to take her friend home, we let my daughter open her present from us:
In the background you can see that Wii Bowling occuring on Wii Wednesday!

Once we sat down to play D&D, things got really interesting for my daughter. She got to choose her dice and she used her dice tray and was so excited!

First, we went over their Chult map and they met up with Flask and Mist to go over the mission. The next morning they had to revisit the Collecting a Debt mission. They found the gladiator Taban. Jekotikk (my husband) decided to cast "charm person" on him and the results were not what they were hoping for. Taban didn't have the money at the moment, but said he'd drop it off the next day after his fight. Guess they'll see what happens when they get back. While there, though, my Rorik (Friend Jim) said he wanted to be a gladiator. I'm curious to see if he'll end up trying to do an adventure there.

The next morning they were finally on their way. I was disappointed they didn't take a certain route to the piers, because I wanted to show them the dinosaur pens, but that's alright. They get into the magical boat that someone made this image for and I decided to use it:
They had an encounter on the river with a small group of hadrosaurus. Luckily they didn't kill any of them, but used their animal communication skills to try to de-escalate the ship bumping incident. Also, at one of the stops, they encountered some undead on the shore. They came out of the woods to get them. It was during this encounter that we learned Rorik sleeps in his tent in the buff. Ooof! (Which is what my daughter awkwardly said.)

It had been a long day for my daughter, at this point and she was starting to get antsy. I knew I needed to wrap things up, so I ended with them waking up to the dino cats. They slept for the night, but the next morning, a small family of dinocats had come into the camp. Three were sleeping around Rose (my daughter), one was in front of Rorik's tent, and one was fishing. Rose slowly woke up and noticed them and brought out some treats and fed the one in front of her. It took quite a bit of prompting to help my daughter get going into the roleplay of the situation. But she finally attempted to charm the dinocat in front of her and it worked! They also all leveled up (technically), which allows her to have an animal familiar which was supposed to be the dinocat.
And that ended our scenario for the day! My daughter finally had her dinocat! And her birthday was secure and a very happy day. The best I could have wished for with the lack of big gesture things we could do.

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