Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wii Wednesday #7 (Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday #7)

We got our Wii goin' early today, because we also had D&D to play. So my daughter started out with some dancing and then did a little Wii exercise.

Then I was able to get a game of Out of the Abyss started early. Since it's just the three of us, we can play at any time, plus if my mom was able to meet to take my daughter for the weekend, we'd be ready to go.

The game started off with a night's watch. It was Winter (lvl 3 dragonborn paladin), then Shesti (level 3 dragonborn  bard), and wrapping up with Bupiddo. Nothing eventful happened, but when they woke up the next morning Prince Derendil was not responsive, his eyes wide open. There were no visible wounds and Sprout (druid firbolg, me) suspected he ate some bad foraged food and looked around to see if others were not looking the best. The group decided to "bury" him. So some of them surrounded Prince Derendil with rocks and Winter, Shesti, and Sprout went off to gather some moss.

The group stumbled upon a muck pit that was lined with ample amounts of moss. While they attempted to walk through it and gather some, they encountered an Ochre Jelly! The group fought it off, but not without my daughter realizing that slashing it cuts it in two. 

Once they returned, they finished burying Prince Derendil and then were on their way. 

As they continued through the caverns, they came across a boneyard. As Shesti scavenged for some bones for an instrument, two Minotaur Skeletons approached the group. Ront took a large chunk of damage from a Great Axe.
Once they were able to take them out, the group continued moving until they encountered a gathering party of kou-toa. This group was out to take them prisoner so that they could use them as an offering to the Deep Father. I was rolling Nat20s like crazy today, so the entire party was caught with little trouble. Shesti, though, has some pretty great sleep spells and put the majority of them to sleep, but not enough to stop everyone from being captured. The became the catch of the day!

In a funny twist of fate, the group was then set upon by another group of kou-toa. This group took the prisoners as their own and fended off the other ones. This new group was led by the kuo-toa archpriest Ploopploopeen. He had other plans for the group:

“I am Ploopploopeen, archpriest of the Sea Mother Blibdoolvpoolp. She answers my prayers by delivering you. Help us, and you will be rewarded for your service.”

And that is where I left the group. Next time they will finally enter Sloobludop.

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