Saturday, August 1, 2020

IGGPPC Camp 2019: Troop Slayer Day 3

Dear Camp Diary,

I woke up to learn we are only one picture away from completing the Camp Cup Challenge! YES! Oh! And there was another night visitor:

Then it was time for more troop updates:

There was a Things That Go Blur In The Night? quiz! Then a reminder about writing our murder mystery story! Then some great hand massage techniques. Then, lately, a great recipe for Aioli!

After I get myself settled with my cabin, it's off to see what the morning brings at camp.

Today's activities are S'mores in a Bag and flower bunk crafts. We sadly became busy with a bunch of things around the house, so the best we got was S'mores in a Bag for breakfast!
I worked a little on compiling drawings for the doodle challenge, but I am just going to have to go the collect images or take pictures route. Doodling just isn't my jam, at all. 

I got to read some more of Vampironica. But then I was down for the count. Got a little Buffy in today, at least.

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