Sunday, August 16, 2020

Plan Ahead Sunday #6

I officially dislike Riverdale. I was totally into it until Season 3. Season 3 has completely alienated me from everything. It went way off the deep end with their character progressions and storylines. Disbelief suspension can only go so far and I am not a soap opera girl. There are some storylines that still peak my interest, but are so overshadowed by other problems. Right now I am very irritated with their D&D ... oh... sorry... G&G gang depictions. The writers clearly had issues with people who played and the culture behind it. And it's perpetuating a bad view of people who play. Discrimination and inequality are being leveled in this show, yet people love it. I am so disgusted by this. Especially since they have, not once, revealed that only a selection of people who play fall into a really warped mindset.

Oh... and let's not forget that Veronica is now some sort of genius business boss. Everything about her storyline infuriates me as unrealistic++. 

But I continue to give the damn show another chance and another chance and right now... I'm back in watching it again. Ahhhhh!!!! Even with the recent musical episode I just saw, it was better than what I had been watching prior to episode 15 of season 3.

Let's move away from the show, though, because I want to talk about the successful day I had. I met my water goal AND my step goal. I almost met my eat all keto goal, but I had a leftover sub from yesterday and wasn't going to let it go to waste.  I feel great. I had a bit of sleepiness, but I had some caffeine to wake up a bit.

I also was able to complete quite a few odd jobs preparing for the school year. I worked on student folders and then got some book talk presentations completed. Student folders are really time consuming, but we're starting a rough school year and I want to give them a boost in the right direction, so I'm taking the time to do these things now so that we can move forward with other things.

So essentially I was either walking on the treadmill or around the house or working on school work. My calendar is ready for the week, but everything is hinging on the news that will come out of two school districts on Wednesday. Will my daughter's district offer an online option for elementary students and will my district stay with a hybrid model?

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