Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Night Movie #6

Today was a very difficult day for me, because I was very restless and my family was very into doing their own things. But despite any personal setbacks I was feeling, I still got to do a few things.

First, my husband said we had a little money for a splurge purchase. So I have gone completely out of my comfort zone gotten the outfit below. I also purchased black tights. Seriously nervous about it and wonder if I'll even wear it that much. I can always put together an outfit, but I don't always have the confidence to make it work on my body. And having gained so much weight over the last 6 months... this maybe wasn't the best time to get crazy with fashion. Or maybe it was! I'm also still looking for an overshirt to wear with it. Like... a shrug. We'll see.

Then I had time to plan movie night. We were going to do a double feature, but that didn't work out, because I started to not feel well. It was just the usual fatigue and physical discomfort. Nothing to phone out about.

When my husband and I went to the store, we saw some DANG! Root Beet and got the diet butterscotch, just for fun. I also saw the Buffalo popcorn salt, so I grabbed that. We got some keto friendly butter pecan ice cream to make floats and my husband got our daughter a Boston Cream Pie Klondike Bar.  If it was going to be a movie afternoon, we wanted to go all out and do something super special.

Our first movie was Big Trouble in Little China. I had seen many, many scenes and knew the plot, but I had never seen the movie. We also wanted to see if the genre was something interesting to our daughter. I adored the movie for it's Carpenter Kitsch factor. Our daughter picked up on things, but wasn't completely into the movie. I loved how Dungeon Crawl-y it was. Even had a beholder! 
It was after that that things went wonky for me. I was having trouble staying awake. I had had a rough night. Our dog woke up and was ready to puke on my head. (Yeah... laugh it up.) So I had already been up for almost 15 hours. I'm someone who definitely needs 8-10 hours of sleep a night, so I was slipping away quickly. 

We all agreed that we'd watch the second movie tomorrow and we each went out separate way. And I am going to bed.

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