Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday #5 (moved to Wednesday)

Today would usually be our D&D day, but we had to move it to Wednesday, because my daughter had some things going on.

First, she had a tubing adventure with her girl scout troop. That's where you sit in an innertube and just float down a "lazy" river. We were going to go, but the temperatures were just too questionable for me. We knew that this trip would take the bulk of the day and would probably make her sleepy.

But then we also learned that her last CampIN scout meeting was today at 3PM! It was the closing camp ceremony where they have a slideshow and fun things. It's all online. It's been a great camp activity. Usually it's on Wednesday, but they moved the final one to Tuesday. The meetings are usually anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. So she would have been done by 4PM.

All of this would have been fine to have a 2 hour session of D&D, until she begged, for her birthday, to spend the day with her best friend who she hadn't hung out with since before school let out. Knowing the family and all that, we felt comfortable inviting her over. So today we've had my daughter and her friend here after they were done tubing.

First we had to run out to get the birthday cupcakes from the local cake guru:

Blueberry Macaroons
Then the girls went out just in time to participate in CampIN. I spent my time relaxing and watching old episodes of The Great British Baking Show. During this time, my daughter's friend went from visiting to staying overnight. Ha! Kids...

So we went to the grocery store to get some items and then it was dinner time. The girls had also been working on some ceramics that we purchased at our local ceramics shop. My daughter chose a dragon and bought her friend a cat. They still have some touching-up to do, but here's what they have so far.

After dinner and they finished their ceramics, it was time for cupcakes and presents! We sang to my daughter, her friend, and my husband who all had birthdays in "quarantine." Mine isn't until December, so I asked not to be sung to. Then we put candles in all their cupcakes.

Presents followed and it was just a few. My daughter got Lost Ember and a Cutetito from us. Her big gift is for tomorrow. Then she got a super cool dragon t-shirt and D&D keychain from her friend.

I was super drained by this point. Just feeling out of energy. My husband and I got the girls set up with a movie in my daughter's bedroom and then I went to my bedroom to just "hang out" until I fell asleep. My husband stays up all night, so if the girls needed anything, he was up for them.

I'm just glad we could do something for my daughter. She has missed her friends so badly.

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