Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Tuesday #6

Today's game is definitely where my daughter hit her stride. Today they were going to finish up their river travel to Firefinger. She was so excited to play this adventure again. We normally would have played our Out of the Abyss adventure, but our friend is going to be out of town next week, so we swapped game days.

Here is where River Mist and Flask of Wine reveal the dangers of the Pterafolk. As they get closer to Firefinger, they recommend getting off the river or travel at night or when it's overcast. The problem we ran into was realizing they didn't know what their goal for going to Firefinger was. River and Flask didn't need anything from Firefinger, just heard stories about how dangerous it was and that maybe some information was there. Azaka Stormfang was the guide who needed something from the Pterafolk.

That night, they discover an abandoned camp near their campground. They find two tied up tents and some healing kits and a tree with daggers stuck into them to the hilt of the dagger. The camp area was in a clearing. There is a very uncomfortable vibe to the environment, but nothing was located to explain what happened. It is after that this River tells them about the Pterafolk who attack people on the river. We encouraged our daughter to use the her ranger skills to help with the investigation of the camp area and I think they got her excited about that.

The following day they are attacked by some pteranodons on the river, but they're able to fight them. My husband is obsessed with Eldritch Blast, which I totally understand. My daughter is learning about her ranged skills and is starting to think more about her Level 3 skills. We're going to talk about what she wants from her dinocat, too. So that will be out of game. 

Finally, though, River and Flask pull the boat over and shrink it into its box to make it easily carried. They enter into the jungle and start hiking towards Firefinger. The group is introduced to the menga leaves that, once dried and turned into a tea, could heal one hit point per one ounce of leaves. Exceeding 5 ounces, though, will call for a Constitution save or you'll pass out. Rorik (Friend Jim) also discovered some apes eating Dancing Monkey Fruit. The apes were quite happy dancing, and Rorik remembered learning that DMF is essentially a magical fruit that can poison you into dancing for a minute, but leaving you with a nasty post-dance hangover that lasts for an hour. Rorik was able to safely back away from the apes without incident.

They finally stopped at a cave that River and Flask found to be a safe space to camp in. They recommend heading out at night, so they could rest now. So they set up camp and that evening they set out into the woods. River stays back at camp. Flask accompanies them to the base of the tower.

At the base of Firefinger they find tons of dropped, dead bodies. Some are recent, within a few days, and others are just bones. The group realizes they need to climb, but the ladder doesn't touch the ground and it looks a bit wonky. They pull out their climbing kits they found at one of their stops and set up a climbing order. They decide to stay connected, with Jekotikk (minotaur) taking the lead, to help pull everyone. Rose and Milly are at the back and have trouble climbing up the 60ft climb! They keep slipping and having to regroup. 

When they make it to level 1, they find an entrance into the spire and there they find a pit. Rorik was the first one to go into the pit to cross over and he is attacked by 4 giant wolf spiders. Which terrifies my husband, because he absolutely hates wolf spiders. When we lived in NC, they were all over his house and our rental. They get so big and are just kinda creepy. So I felt bad triggering his fear.

After taking care of the spiders, they found the chimney that would take them to the next level and they climb up, but this time in reverse order. Milly was first and kept slipping. Oh my goodness it was so funny! And my daughter continued to play as her character. Invested in what was going on. She didn't shy away from chipping in ideas, even though she was getting a little too "talk out of turn"-y. 

When we arrived at Level 2, the group was met with a large group of stirges. They work different than the Pathfinder ones and were a great low-level create joke for myself and Friend Jim and my husband. Little mosquitoes almost took me out! Lots of fun that was! But it was a good fight. We were attacking the things on each other. Quite a few laughs with that.

And then it was time to put a stopped on the adventure. We're trying to be really time conscious when we're playing. Our daughter wanted to keep going and everyone was in a really great mood to keep going, but my husband and I agreed it was time to stop.

So next time they'll be adventuring out onto the ledge and then debating over climbing a ladder to the next level!

I got a hug from my daughter when it was all over. She gushed about how much she loved this and how she had spent so long watching us play and now she was getting to join us. She couldn't stop talking about everything. Then she proposed Sunday through Saturday we play and then take a week off and then do another week, etc. That was a big no, but that's how excited she was when it was done. Kind of tearing up and super proud.

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