Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: 20 Days Until International Tabletop Day - King of Tokyo

Our copy of King of Tokyo is so used. It is definitely one of the Top 5 more played games in my game vault for my club. The kids just love it to bits and pieces. I, personally, love the dice rolling, but am not as big a fan of being bombarded by damage in Tokyo. At an upcoming Con, one of my club kids will actually be hosting this game and it seems to still get a pretty decent draw to the game table.

My husband and daughter just played it together for the first time for Daddy-Daughter-Game-Night and it seemed to go over well. Might still be just a smidge above her focus, but give it another play or two.

In 2014, I briefly wrote about this game (and a few others I've mentioned or will be mentioning) for an article in my series called "Meet Me at the Table." It was a Halloween edition for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club (IGGPPC or Iggles). I do think it is one of the better big monster games out there.

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