Friday, March 9, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: Women Game Designers - Santiago

Women's History Month: 

A Joy of Gaming Tribute to 

Women Game Designers


Claudia Hely (with partner)

Santiago (2003)

Santiago is an area control and auction game to try to be the most successful farmer in Santiago. Depending on who controls what areas, the plantation awards different points. It's a game of strategy that whispers of heavier Euros. It is no longer in print and there are very few copies to try to get a hold of, but the negotiation aspects are nice as combining your plots with those of your opponents can help you both score big-- you just have to set yourself up to score bigger!

Claudia Hely, a designer from Saulheim at Mainz, Germany, has one other game to her credit. According to my poking around, Die Weinhandler is more well known. Both of these games were made with her partner, Roman Pelek. 

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