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The Joy of Gaming: Women Game Designers - Quilt Show

Women's History Month: 

A Joy of Gaming Tribute to 

Women Game Designers


Judy Martin (with spouse)

Quilt Show (2014)

In Quilt Show you have to sew the best quilts and earn the most prize money at the end of three rounds to be the grand champion. Each round you collect different patches for your quilt. You can construct different types of quilts, such as a 1x3 table runner of a 4x3 King Quilt. These quilts can be made either of all the same color patches or all the same design patches. Each patch tile is a different value and you need to collect colored swatches in the form of cards and turn them in to get the tile. The value on the tile will be helpful when you put up your quilt to compete at the end of each round. It's pretty much Ticket to Ride meets quilting. An interesting and inventive strategy game and it definitely challenges you to think ahead due to the randomness of the quilt patches that appear each round. 

Judy Martin and her husband, Steven Bennett, won the 2009 Rio Grande Games Design Contest, which then allowed for the game to be developed and released in 2014 at Origins. 

Judy Martin is more well-known for her dedication to the quilting community. She's an incredibly respected quilt designer and has even published numerous books on the subject. Clearly she had some very personal inspiration for the game that she developed with her husband. Another designer who worked seamlessly (pun intended) with her husband to create an interesting and unique game.

Learn more about Judy Martin at her website.

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