Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: Women Game Designers - Loopin' Louie

Women's History Month: 

A Joy of Gaming Tribute to 

Women Game Designers


Carol Wiseley (Partner)

Loopin' Louie (1992)

Loopin' Louie is a game that made a debut in our home with our young daughter. She loved the flying plane that was trying to knock down her chicken tokens. Essentially, there is a middle piece that runs using a motor and he's a little guy in a plane attached to a rotating arm. As it comes around, you have to use a lever to pop up the plane so that it doesn't knock down your chicken tokens. If you lose all your chicken tokens, you're out. Once you pop the pilot up, you don't always know where he'll fall. It's a great family game.

I joke, though, that they just came out with the Star Wars Millenium Falcon one, Loopin' Chewie, and how, just for fun, I'd love to play it at least once. But let's be honest, that's super silly. I already have the "original." Chewie would be fun, though.

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