Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: Women Game Designers - Frank's Zoo

Women's History Month: 

A Joy of Gaming Tribute to 

Women Game Designers


Doris Matthäus (with spouse)

Doris Matthäus is credited as being one of the game designers for Frank's Zoo, but much of her work is in the realm of illustration. According to several websites, she is one of the prominent members of the German board game scene. As much as she seems centered on design, often husband and wife teams really crutch on each other to develop a game, as I will no-doubt mention a million times throughout this series. Heck, even I crutch on my husband for literally everything, because we're partners in life, so why not partners in design.

Frank's Zoo is a game we purchased after my husband was swayed by the gushing praise of Joel Eddy from Drive Thru Review (video review found here) and I, admittedly, really liked the artwork. Frank's Zoo is a trick-taking game, which I have a tendency to not be as skilled at as my husband. The goal, though, is to get rid of all of your cards. Since we usually have 3-players, we don't team up, but it's a fun, thoughtful game worth having in a family game collection. The married team of Doris and Frank also designed the old and well regarded classic, Primordial Soup. We don't own that one, but it and the majority of their titles share a similar quirky design and whimsical art of the same style as Frank's Zoo.

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