Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Desperately Seeking Joy: Pre-Thanksgiving 2020

The conditions we are living in, as a world, has made me want to just remind my readers that I am quarantined. I am a caregiver to an immunocompromised individual. That particular individual is my mom and she is who we are celebrating Thanksgiving with this year. So the woman I am taking care of is also who I am spending this holiday with. We're not having other people over or inviting others in. It's just the four of us who see each other almost weekly as it is and take numerous precautions to be as safe as possible at all time.

We drove down this morning to my mom's house. The weather and traffic were good enough to make it without any problems.

After unloading the car, my husband and I went to run errands. I went to the Breadsmith to get the bread my mom had been wanting and to pick up a little extra dessert. My husband went into the Festival grocery store to pick up our pre-ordered turkey and get any last minute items we felt we needed.

At home, I decided we should eat in the antique dining room. So I started to clear off of the table and then my mom and I picked out the table cloth and I got it ready for tomorrow.

I made sure we had plates and things that wouldn't cause extra hassle for anyone.

I planned a dinner that also wouldn't be a hassle. We ordered the turkey already cooked and then we bought a bunch of heatable items to fill out the rest of the dinner, including the mashed potatoes. It wasn't about the cooking, it was about being together and this was a fun and "silly" way to still be able to have fun.

I also found a cool German Beer Glass from when my parents lived in Germany. So I got those out, too.

There were also these neat tumbler glasses with animals painted on them. I let me daughter assign all of us an animal glass. I used to love these glasses as a kid.

But we're technically ready for tomorrow. The dessert is in the fridge and the potatoes and turkey are safely stowed in the garage with the NA Cider for the kid. I don't know why I feel nervous. It's going to be just fine.

For now we'll watch some holiday or winter movies on FreeForm and relax before tomorrow. We've been doing lots of little tasks around the house, but it'll be fine. It's sadly so dark out, it's making everyone sleepy - no turkey needed.

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