Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2018 - Day 6: Mint Delivery

I don't remember where I saw the recommendation for Mint Delivery, but it looked cute enough. It reminded me of these games called Mint Tin games (Mint Tin Apocalypse, Mint Tin Pirates, and Mint Tin Aliens), so I figured I'd give it a whirl. It was like they too Isle of Trains and turned it into a mint delivery game. That's a really rough comparison, but it was one of things that made me want to get Mint Delivery to try it out.

The other bonus was that it fit into my husband's stocking. We celebrate St. Nick and this was perfect. Additionally, I was excited to learn it to teach to him. When it arrived, I took it up to school and learned to play it with my game club. The kids were hesitant at first and once we got into it there were cheers to buy it for the club. If I'm being honest, we're a bit on the financial rough side and with our District Family Game Nights tanking and a drop off in GoFundMe donations, we're still in the red when it comes to supporting the club. Bonus: we own the game and I can bring it in once in a while. Maybe even when the Lock-Ins start in January.

I digress... we played it this evening and while, yes... two player leaves something to be desired, the potential for endless play pretty great. There are so many variant options. My husband is super psyched to try them out. My husband was a bit overzealous and would rush his turn and I remember I missed part of my turn, because he was so busy loading and unloading. I have a feel he won due to me missing a turn or two (I jest). It was quite fun, though, and is a nice break game for long game nights.

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