Monday, December 17, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2018 - Day 17: Fog of Love

Oh my goodness.... Fog of Love is a game that my husband and I started playing last February. After that play we, sadly, haven't broken it out again together. Tonight, though, we were ready. From the get-go, this relationship was going to be rough. He was into high heels and nerdy glasses. I was a short, muscle-building royal heiress. Doomed from the beginning. We just laughed and laughed as we failed and failed again. If it had just been me and him answering the questions as ourselves, we would have been totally in-sync, but answering them as our characters just wasn't holding up. Interestingly enough, we both chose the same ending... an Honorable Exit. Thank goodness, because pregnant or not... we were not meant to be.

I had to come back in and add this:

I can't wait to play again. We had so much fun, created so many more inside jokes, and are still giggling about things that happened. Winter break is just around the corner.

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