Friday, December 7, 2018

Personalized Advent Stockings 2018 - December 7

This stocking needs some explanation.

Downtown they do a Whoville celebration. The whole town gets decked out and the shops are all decorated and special events go on. You can have breakfast with the Grinch and get your hair done all Who-like. Our local ceramics shop was selling Grinch Slime and a DIY Grinch ornament kit. I had my husband run in and get the very last one. I already knew it would be too big for her Advent Stocking, so I thought I would leave a clue... I forgot and made it just "appear" at her spot where she eats breakfast.

My daughter was so excited that she immediately wanted to do the ornament, because what else would you do while preparing to go to school on a Friday's morning. We made the ornament and then I made the stupid mistake of playing with the slime. Wow... what a crazy morning. The slime, though, is made by a local middle school student who created her own business making unique slimes and gaks. She sells them at the local farmer's markets and has taught classes at the ceramics shop. A really lovely young lady.

What an interesting advent day it was.

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