Friday, December 14, 2018

The Joy of Gaming: December Challenge 2018 - Day 14: Forbidden Sky

I am a super huge fan of the "Forbidden" games, so when I heard Forbidden Sky was coming out, I totally flipped! I was one of the first in line to purchase it at GenCon2018. I bragged to my game club about it before school let out. And yet... despite getting it in August... I haven't be able to sit down and play it until tonight.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! And I'm heading into our Magnetic Fields unit in my Science class, so this was a pretty exciting way to get motivated to prepare for it (after break). I loved the strategy in it and the pattern setting. It brought a unique vision to the "Forbidden" series. I also was able to school my husband in circuitry, which I don't get to do very often. He's so dern smert.

Gread addition. So excited I finally get to play with this super interactive game.

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